The Walker Family Cemetery

On Saturday August 6, 2011, the deed to the Walker Cemetery was presented to the Southern Memorial Association by descendants of the Walker family whose remains rest in this historic cemetery. The cemetery is located across the road from the the Confederate Cemetery on East Rock Street in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Although the Southern Memorial Association did not own the Walker Cemetery until 2011, its members have been faithful over many years to keep the grass mowed within and around the cemetery. Descendants of the Walker family have also at times sent donations to the Southern Memorial Association to help with the cost of mowing the grass or tree damage, but funding has never been adequate to restore the major damage to the iron fencing and tombstones which has occurred over the years.

The year 2012 was a very good one for the Walker Cemetery! A Walker descendant contacted the Southern Memorial Association and donated the funds to completely restore the cemetery! It was wonderful blessing to the SMA because we did not know how we would come up with the necessary funds to complete the restoration. Then in the fall of 2012 the Walker Cemetery achieved National Register of Historic Places status!

The next wish we have for the Walker Cemetery is to procure a lovely wayside panel to sit near the cemetery with information about the people who are buried in this historic cemetery. A quality panel runs about $2000-$3000 and we are saving now for such a panel. If you would like to donate money towards this project we would be very grateful. If you have artistic talents or writing skills please consider donating those as well so that we can produce a worthy panel for this cemetery. Please make checks payable to: SOUTHERN MEMORIAL ASSOCIATION. You may designate on your check that the donation is to be used for the Walker Cemetery Fund or the Panel Fund. Thank you!

The Southern Memorial Association is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization which depends on donations for maintenance and preservation of the Confederate Cemetery and the Walker Cemetery. All donations made to the SMA for the care of its two cemeteries are tax deductible. Request an official receipt from our treasurer.

Mrs. Kim Griffith, Treasurer
Southern Memorial Association
2007 West Huntsville Avenue
Springdale, Arkansas 72762

Walker Cemetery Burials
The oldest burial date is on the brick tomb that contains the remains of JACOB WYETH WALKER (1778-1838). In a similar tomb beside him lies his wife, ANN (1782-1851).

Two small brick vaults contain the remains of the children of Erastus E. and Courtnay N. Duncan. One of them is an infant who died in 1844 and the other son Thomas Wyeth Duncan who died in 1850.

DAVID WALKER (1806-1879) and wife JANE L. (1813-1847). Col. David Walker was President of the Arkansas Secession Convention. He also served with the Confederate Military Court, General Holmes Corps.

CAPT. JOHN J. WALKER (1817-1886). Capt. John Walker served with Company G, 1st Arkansas Cavalry, CSA.

JAMES DAVID WALKER (1830-1906) and wife MARY (1837-1910) and their son GEORGE WALKER who died in 1883 and a daughter who died in 1892. Col. James Walker served with the 4th Arkansas Infantry, CSA.

CHARLES WHITING WALKER (1834-1924) and wife SERENA (1843-1932). Pvt. Charles Walker served with Company A, 34th Arkansas Infantry, CSA.

JACOB WYTHE WALKER (1833-1864) Capt. Jacob Walker served with Company A, 2nd Arkansas Regiment, CSA, and was killed in the Battle of Jenkins Ferry, Arkansas, on May 21, 1864.


SUSAN H. WALKER (1857-1939)

JACK WALKER (1869-1923)

DAVID WALKER (1872-1935)

JACOB WYTHE WALKER, Jr. (1901 – 1978)


REBECCA WASHINGTON (1786-1861) and her sister LUCY SMITH (1796-1861)


JOHN JAMES POPE (died 1861)

CHARLES RATCLIFF BUCKNER (1842-1910) and wife NANNIE WALKER BUCKNER (1842-1910). Cpl. Charles Buckner served with Company A, Woodward’s Confederate Cavalry, CSA.

JACOB CARMAN PURDY (1834-1916) and wife ANNIE NEWMAN PURDY (1845-1912) 1st Lt. Jacob Purdy served with Company G, 1st Louisiana Artillery, CSA.

WALTER A. REES (19 January 1880 – 6 May 1911)

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